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Sewage Enforcement

Sewage Permit Guidelines
  All subdivisions and land developments shall be provided with adequate sewage facilities. It shall be the responsibility of the developer to make the necessary arrangements and/or conduct the appropriate tests to determine that such facilities can or will be provided to handle the sewage generated by his/her development in accordance with the following standards:

General Requirements - in general the type of sewage facility to be provided shall be determined by the Township, giving consideration to the following order of preference
  1. Individual on-lot sewage systems designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).
  2. Provisions by the developer of a complete private sanitary sewer or community sewage system using a treatment plant designed and constructed in accordance with the requirements of the PA DEP.

The judgment of the Township Supervisors as to the method of sewage disposal to be used will be made after study and review of a sewage feasibility report submitted by the developer. The submission of such a report may be waived by the Township where it is deemed unnecessary. When required however, such report shall be prepared by a registered professional engineer or other individual of demonstrated qualifications.
The Township does not require a permit for pumping of a residential sewage system.

All questions should be directed to the Township current Sewage Enforcement Officer listed:

Gene C. Powlus SEO
(570) 594-0952

Sewage Permit Fees:

Please refer to the Sewage Permit Fee document(.pdf) for the associated fees

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